17 September 2017

Star 12 of 365 - Star-A-Day

13 September 2017

Star 11 of 365 - Star-A-Day

10 September 2017

Star 10 of 365 - Star-A-Day

8 September 2017

Star 9 of 365 - Star A Day

I'm having a bit of  mini crisis. I'm starting to worry that doing this with a scrappy background might have been a mistake. Normally, I like the scrappy look, but maybe with this pattern, you loose that floating feel if you don't have a consistent background? I've already cut out a heap of backgrounds, so I need to finish those. But should I start again with a single background?

6 September 2017

Star 8 of 365 - Star-A-Day

Star 8 of 365

31 August 2017

Star 7 of 365 - Star-A-Day

Star 7 of 365

30 August 2017

Indigo Courthouse Steps In Progress

I've been working on these during the week. Doing a round a night. I had hoped to get these finished this weekend, but various things (family, cats, housework) got in the way. Again, these work up pretty quick. The pattern has a couple of solid fabric border. I'm not sure I'm gonna go with that. I'm thinking perhaps a few more blocks. I need to do a test layout once the courthouse steps blocks are done.

Star 6 of 365 - Star-A-Day

Star 6 of 365

25 August 2017

Star 5 of 365 - Star-A-Day

Star 5 of 365

20 August 2017

Indigo and Tan Star and Courthouse Steps

So my usual quilt guild meeting is on the 3rd saturday morning of the month. But in months where there are 5 saturdays, we hold a meeting where we have workshops or work on group projects.

A couple of weeks ago was such a day. I had a heep of stuff to do and didn't get there until it was well underway. I had no intention of doing the workshop, I just wanted to drop in and say hi and see what people were doing.

One of the jobs I had to do that morning was to drop my main machine off for its annual servicing. So I couldn't work on any of my current WIP and needed a new project to work on using my backup machine.

But I loved the look of the quilt and decided to grab the pattern and have a go at it. I thought it would be a good pattern for my two Moda Japanese inspired collections - Kasuri and Indigo.

This is the Moda Kasuri range from a few years back. I picked it up recently on a destash group.